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Intense Pour Blue Man 55ml

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SKU: m003

Extraordinarily masculine and elegant fragrance, built on contrasting notes. Chord after chord, this scent beautifully describes a modern man who effortlessly overcomes the obstacles the perversive fate places on his way.

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Product Description

The composition pleasantly surprises with the combination of two extremes: warmth and refreshment. The secret of its freshness lies in forest and wood aromas; this unique, sensual fragrance is then perfectly complemented with warm notes of medlar, patchouli and honeysuckle.

This fragrance will be best enjoyed by a strong and courageous man who thrives in the centre of attention. Intense Pour Black enhances man’s strength and maturity, as well as highlights his unique style.

Top notes - mediterranean medlar, honeysuckle,
Middle notes - sandalwood, violet
Base notes - patchouli, cedar wood, leather


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