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How to buy perfume without sniffing?

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The fast pace of life has accustomed us to making many decisions over the internet. Especially convenient and fast shopping online. Although such transactions, such as the acquisition of perfume, may seem impossible to many, it is contrary to our appearances.
Able to choose the best scent for themselves without sniffing the bottle. We tell you how to choose female or male fragrances so that you do not regret it.

In line with the fragrance note

Online shopping is risky because until we pick up the shipment, we are never sure what we will get. Most often this is due to ill-considered and hasty decisions.
On the surface, it may seem that buying a “dark” perfume is risky, but nothing more wrong. Just read carefully the description of the fragrances contained in the product to choose the beautiful perfume.

It is important to know that each composition is formed by a triple-scent system: head notes, heart notes and base notes.

Top note

It contains the smells that stay in your memory for the longest time, but they run out the fastest. Represented by citrus, floral or slightly herbal aromas.

Heart note

It consists of substances that form the core of the perfume. Their aroma develops about 20 minutes after application and lasts for several hours. These include fruit, herbal and light wood scents.

Base note

It slows down the slowest and we feel it long after the perfume application. Its composition consists of wood and spice scents.

How to read fragrance notes?

When shopping, it is our job to thoroughly check the individual fragrances to select the compositions that best suit our preferences. For example, INFINITY BLOOM perfumes from the Magnificora brand will find verbena, basil and Sicilian lemongrass in the head, jasmine and heart note, and amber, vetiver and cedar in the base note. This means that they belong to fresh, light fragrances, which are heart note added sweetness. Just check the perfume INFINITY GLOSSY to see that their smell will be completely different. Mandarins, pink pepper and marigolds, heart notes – orange blossom, jasmine and wild strawberries, and base notes of tree, musk and black iris.

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