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How perfumes are created?

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When choosing perfume fragrances we rarely wonder what was the history of their origin, who collected the flowers, how long the process of obtaining a particular aroma. Creating perfume is an extraordinary adventure, which later translates into a unique fragrance that every morning we put on ourselves like the most beautiful dress.

Glass, very often spectacular, perfume bottle is the last character in which we present the finished product. But before it happens it goes a long way. It all starts with the collection of flowers – it is from them that the most beautiful and the most fragile. Petals are obtained from essential oils, which are the basis of all perfumes. They are dispersed in special containers, flooded with extraction liquid and closed for 5 days. The filtrate is then filtered and distilled. This process is time consuming and very meticulous. It is carried out at a suitably higher temperature, which allows for thorough cleaning of the fluid. The finished extract ends with other fragrances. This is the hardest stage in the production of perfumes, which are specialized experts. They mix individual fragrances in the right quantities to get the desired end result. Finally, in one bottle you can find up to 200 different scents derived from flowers! This is amazing because most of us probably are able to extract only a few of them.

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